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Customize Foot Orthotics

How can they help my back, hip or neck pain?
My feet don't even hurt!

Your feet may not hurt, but they may be hurting your back! The joints and muscles of your body function most efficiently when they are in physical balance. The body is a biomechanical chain where abnormal movement of one joint can interfere with the proper movement of other joints. Your feet are your body's foundation and if they are not properly supported, abnormal biomechanical and postural distortions could develop that place excessive stress on your spine and joints as shown below. These abnormal forces must be reduced and stabilized before long-term, improved spinal function can be achieved. Stabilizers help correct these distortions and help you develop the strength and flexbility you need to keep your body stable as you stand, walk or run.


The Benefits of Stabilizing Orthotics

Stabilizing orthotics restore structural, functional and biomechanical balance and help you develop the strength and flexibility needed to keep your body stable as you stand, walk and run. They encourage optimal muscle and nerve function by guiding your feet through a more normal pattern of movement, eliminating excessive forces on the other joints of your body with each step that you take. Stabilizing orthotics are a great long-term wellness tool that allows you to maintain your balance, posture, alignment and spinal health!